In today’s fast-paced world, mobile devices have become an essential tool for salespeople. From smartphones to tablets, mobile devices can help sales professionals stay connected with customers and close deals on the go. In this blog post, we will explore the ways mobile devices can be used in sales.

  1. Mobile CRM

Mobile devices can be used to access customer relationship management (CRM) software on the go. With mobile CRM, salespeople can access customer data, manage sales pipelines, and track leads and deals from anywhere. Mobile CRM allows salespeople to stay on top of their sales process, even when they’re out of the office.

  1. Mobile Presentations

Mobile devices can be used to deliver sales presentations on the go. Tablets and smartphones can be used to display product demos, videos, and slideshows. With mobile presentations, salespeople can deliver engaging and interactive presentations to customers, no matter where they are.

  1. Mobile Payments

Mobile devices can be used to accept payments from customers. With mobile payment apps like Square, PayPal, and Venmo, salespeople can process credit card transactions, accept digital payments, and even send invoices to customers. Mobile payments make it easy for salespeople to close deals on the spot, without the need for a traditional cash register or payment terminal.

  1. Mobile Email

Mobile devices can be used to send and receive email on the go. With mobile email, salespeople can stay connected with customers, respond to inquiries, and send follow-up messages from anywhere. Mobile email allows salespeople to stay responsive and engaged with customers, even when they’re away from the office.

  1. Mobile Analytics

Mobile devices can be used to access sales analytics and performance metrics. With mobile analytics, salespeople can track sales performance, monitor key performance indicators, and analyze customer data. Mobile analytics allows salespeople to make data-driven decisions and adjust their sales strategies on the go.

Mobile devices have become an indispensable tool for sales professionals. From mobile CRM and presentations to payments, email, and analytics, mobile devices can help salespeople stay connected with customers and close deals on the go. By using mobile devices in sales, salespeople can improve productivity, stay responsive, and make data-driven decisions to drive sales growth.


Here are some statistics on the use of mobile devices in sales:

  1. According to a survey by SalesForce, 65% of sales reps who use mobile CRM achieve their sales quotas, compared to 22% of reps who don’t use mobile CRM.
  2. A report by eMarketer found that in 2020, 67.2% of all ecommerce sales in the US were made via mobile devices.
  3. A study by Square found that small businesses that accept mobile payments generate 30% more revenue than those that don’t.
  4. A survey by the Sales Management Association found that 89% of companies that use mobile analytics saw an increase in sales productivity.
  5. According to a report by Statista, global mobile email users are expected to reach 3.7 billion by 2023.
  6. A survey by HubSpot found that 81% of marketers say that email marketing is their top customer acquisition channel.
  7. According to a study by Aberdeen Group, companies that use mobile CRM have a 26.4% higher average revenue per salesperson compared to those that don’t.
  8. A report by BI Intelligence found that mobile payments are expected to reach $503 billion by 2020.

These statistics show the increasing importance of mobile devices in the sales industry. From mobile CRM and payments to email and analytics, mobile devices are transforming the way salespeople interact with customers and close deals. By embracing mobile technology, sales professionals can improve their productivity, responsiveness, and overall sales performance.

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