In many developing countries, mostly children are not properly groomed including their personal morale values, ethical values, social connection, personal hygiene, limitation with school fellow, teachers and other society members. All new parents need to adopt these advise so that their kids personal grooming, training & growth can be achieved in upright manner.

Need to work on:

1. Build confidence Level


All parents need to improve confidence level of their kids. Need to sit with them face to face & discuss about their issues which include schooling, friends, teachers, neighbours, school van person so that kids can share their opinion as well as issues. Parents can also assign kids some task or home related activity for completion. This sort of activities will enhance team work spirit & confidence level to face friends, teachers etc & build up ties as team spirit.

2.  Behaviour study


Parents need to study & observe behaviour of kids very closely. Need to know whether they are social, irritating, possessive, introvert, composed or friendly with others. These all things leave impact on kids personality minutely. They have to deal kids according to his/her behaviour/nature so that kids feel comfortable and dont feel unorthodox change in environment.


  3. Attention

Parents must pay attention to kids. in this way, kids will remain in contact with parents & share his/her observation & issues. If they are not given attention, kids will loose confidence level as well as will indulge in negative activities in addition to psychological factors.


4. Personal Hygiene

Being human & Muslim, we need to maintain & achieve personal hygiene standards at its maximum. Parents must tame & teach kids about importance of cleanliness & personal hygiene in life, school, college & workplaces. This will also enhance their living standard, gaining confidence more & to present themselves in affective & attractive manner to distinguish themselves from others.

5. Healthy activities

Kids must take part in sports & physical activities to make them engaged & positive growth of body posture & brain. For this, parents can engage with kids in childhood ear & later on kids can divide their time schedule by participating in games, sports & healthy activities so that negative activities can be avoided.

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