My truth worth to build a relationship

No relationship in this world would build without giving worth thing, TRUST. Many trusts are broken just when ego interferes. EGO says My truth worth.


Whenever we start a relationship, trust is the only thing that demands time. Within the time it defines what kind of person with whom you are building a relationship. We ask ourselves many times a simple question is, MY TRUST WORTH for him/her or not?

Trust is just like a tea, once it becomes cold and we warm the tea, the taste of tea would not be original. Same way when I build a relationship my trust is worthy. However, it’s a risky feeling, once it broken, that would be painful for us. A relationship would be broken.

One-sided trust is also a painful feeling, we give everything in a trust, personal details, personal feelings, secrets, etc, and everything we have. But one-sided would be painful by thinking that the other person not considering me a worthy person.

One has to take this risk and should move on slowly, the little trust would give a little pain, but a blind trust would give pain blind and more than our expectations.

Be gentle and nice to win another side of trust, that would create a feeling of sincerity.

Think twice before taking any decision about whether should I trust or not, am I wasting my time on this relationship or not by seeing that the other person is not trusting us. Don’t overthink this because it would painful for you and the relationship would be complicated. Be open-minded and say all things with clarity. What is making you painful and what is a worthy feeling that you are feeling with it.

Create an emotional environment sometimes and talk heart by heart. It’s a universal feeling with you can grab his/her heart and would know everything that is inside them. Sincerity would show up and also trust.

Don’t show anything like you are selfish and greedy about something. Show them that their trust is the only thing they needed at all times.

Admit whenever you feel you are wrong, you can show them that no person in this world accepts their mistake to save relationships.

We have to show everything that makes the other person realize that he values ​​this relationship, that he wants to develop this relationship, and not to temporarily maintain this relationship.

Never dishonor your conscience to win the trust of others, and never do anything that will make you fall in your own eyes. A relationship in which the conscience is not satisfied can never bring happiness.


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