what is love psychology and Is Love From Brain or Heart 2022

what is love psychology?

Love is an emotion that people feel for someone.. It affects us mentally and emotionally. Love binds us with mental and emotional feelings. It deepens with time. Many people describe it in words but are always not explained well and enough. This feeling is very deep. The psychology of love has many types and can describe in many ways. It connects two people unconditionally and emotionally. There is no scale to measure this emotion. The level of this emotion too much can be harmful to human mental health and behavior. Apart from this it can be your strength also but have to be careful. Love psychology is a mixture of brain and emotional attachment. How people react is all up to their level of emotion. There is a limit to everything and once we cross the limit then there would be different results of that. In human behavior, you can control it and there are some tips you should follow.


Can you Control your love psychology feelings?

Well, research says that you can control your feelings before it’s too late. In many cases, we have gone too far in emotions that we even can’t think about controlling them.

Is Love From Brain or Heart?

To disprove the “love is from the heart, not the mind,” anthropologist Helen Fisher spent years studying the human brain with MRIs and various brain scans.Helen Fisher has spent her career studying the neurology of the brain. She’s learned a lot about why we feel love and attraction, and it is a direct result of chemicals released in the brain.

Of course, love and attraction can be a different experiences for all people, each person describes and feels love in different words and ways, some find love passionate and others dull and sensitive, but science is quite unscientific. If you think something is biased, then we often have to resort to it to help understand the issue.

What is lust in love?

We all experience lust, this feeling is as deep rooted as our reptilian brain. Lust, i.e. sThe amygdalae are a part of the brain that controls the visible features, attraction, and performance of sexual activities.. This brain is called the primitive brain.

Love with passion

Passion means an emotional connection. It’s highlighted in the part of your mind called the mammalian brain. When you’re caught in passionate love, your thoughts are completely immersed in that person. This is the kind of love that we see in movies and songs, where the poet says “I am totally lost in your thoughts.”‘.On a cold and wet evening, your mind may still wander towards hope for a better future. There is an energy that exists in this type of evening that people sense, even when it does not exist, and it is not just the return of warmer days. Love is the most powerful and enchanting force of all. When under the influence of love, we’ll do anything for our partners, even if it doesn’t make sense.


In our society, there is no respect for others and getting our own space to develop and explore. Women are taught only how to please men, but not to spend time exploring their personalities and minds. The media tells you what’s attractive on the outside but doesn’t teach the deeper things that make an identity attractive. Watching entertainment all day isn’t wrong, but it leaves no time for decorating your inner self with new and interesting ideas.The pursuit of new experiences and new values ​​is our brain’s food, and it gives us purpose to live, trying out new ideas makes us feel good.

The biggest obstacle to perseverance is the ‘romantic philosophy‘ that the media and romantic media promote. This philosophy attacks our brain’s mammillary lobe, which controls our logic and thinking mind. Instead of teaching us to be happy with the people in our lives as they are, it sets up unrealistic expectations that cannot be reached by anyone. In this theory, you expect your partner to always make you feel good and make you happy all the time, without paying attention to their faults or imperfections.. This theory ignores science, the structure of the human brain and its response, and evolutionary history

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